Rape in the Military

When I was in the service I never heard of anyone being raped in the military (violated in such a disgusting manner).

However, this is a new military.

There were 2,947 sexual assaults reported in the military in 2006. Even though this was an increase of 24% over 2005 very few of the cases were prosecuted.

When you consider that rape in the military has doubled from 2006 through 2013 though the military has had a draw down in military strength we begin to realize that something must be done.

The numbers have doubled from the command of Obama from the command of bush. Military personnel must be taught that rape in the military must not be tolerated !

Service members (both male and female) are being raped at an alarming rate and something must be done about it !

Someone must speak up for the victims or it will only get worse.

Unless something is done it will only get worse for the military !

It will only get worse for the country and it will only get worse for society !

PTSD is common among rape victims in which 33% of the victims entertain suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

The question that must be answered by the Dept of Defense and the VA is;

How many of these active duty military personnel and/or veterans who have committed suicide or who have attempted suicide were raped and subsequently suffered or are presently suffering from PTSD from being sexually abused and violated?

Rape in the Military
posted by David Apperson

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