Words of Life

Words of Life ... for those suffering from PTSD

Memorize Love is ...

Memorize God is ...

Memorize Angels are ...

Memorize Family is ...

Memorize Friends are ...

Words of Life for those suffering from Post-traumatic Stress (PTSD)
posted by David Apperson

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Wounded Warrior Project

A Few months back I wrote that the “Wounded Warrior Project” was on very shaky ground when ::

1. In 2014 the “Wounded Warrior Project” collected over $155,000,000 with only $4.8 million going to veterans, with the majority of that money being passed through the American Red Cross.

2. Excessive Administrative Salaries

3. Excessive Office Rent ($12,000,000 a year)

4. Over $9,000,000 (yes - nine million dollars) on Travel and Entertainment Expenses

5. and other pertinent issues I will comment on after the Federal Investigators have made an in-depth study into the actions and deeds from a legal state of affairs. Though some of these actions may not have any criminal deeds involved, but purely on a moral or ethical grounds is incomprehensible.

$155,000,000 - $4,900,000 = $150,100,000 not given to Veterans” !

However, since speaking out on this issue it has awakened many people, sponsoring individuals and corporations, ... even including employees of the “Wounded Warrior Project” and I have watched internal and external changes in the “Wounded Warrior Project” ...

and therefore have decided to Give Them Another Chance, to rectify the wrong since anyone can make a mistake, and place them once again in the list of respectable and pertinent links ... But if the 2014 Financial Statement is even close to what has been going on I will shout the crime on the house tops (Internet) !

Wounded Warrior Project
posted by David Apperson, Veterans Spokesman
www.MyVeteran.org * Vets Helping Vets * #MyVeteran

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Brain-Damaged Veterans

10 brain-damaged veterans have been discharged from their special therapeutic group homes because Congress has failed to renew their rehabilitation program, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The program expires October 6, but 53 veterans have been told by their Veterans Affairs office case workers that they'll have to leave their private homes by September 15 if Congress doesn't act. Meanwhile, the 10 discharges vets were sent "to nursing homes, state veterans homes or to live with family members," according to The Journal.

The five-year pilot program was created to see if veterans with brain injuries would improve more with intense therapy.

The VA hasn't assessed how successful the program is, but "all indications are that the satisfaction is high among the veterans with the services they're receiving, and they seem to be making gains," Sharon Benedict, the program's manager, told The Journal.

Democrats and Republicans agree that the program should be renewed, they just haven't figured out how to do it.

This is just one of several veterans health care problems coming to the forefront, in addition to the widespread problem of long waiting lists and patients dying before their first appointments.

NPR reported Thursday that the VA and the Pentagon are worried about the rise of painkiller addiction among troops, which contributes to the homelessness and suicide rates.

Part of the problem is that soldiers are prescribed the painkillers by military doctors.

And while Congress is dragging its feet on renewing the group-home program, Rep. Jeff Miller, the chairman of the House VA committee, introduced a bill that would reduce the red tape veterans face when trying to access mental health services.

Brain-Damaged Veterans
posted by David Apperson

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Disabled Veterans

Emergency Funds Needed to Help Disabled
Veterans and Their Families

Please Donate If You Can
Your Help is Greatly Appreciated

In most cases it is due delays by the Dept of Veteran Affairs that Veteran needs help to care for his/her families -

Disabled Veterans
posted by David Apperson

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