Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil

In love we protect our families, friends and nation ... and though we walk in the shadow of death - we fear no evil for God is with us !

Fear No Evil
posted by David Apperson

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VA Claims Table

How the Dept of Veterans’ Affairs Calculates Monetary Benefits for Disabled Veterans

I hope to answer the question of how the Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA) calculates monetary payments made to disabled Veterans’ –

Understand that Veterans’ can not be paid above 100% unless there has been some form of medical malpractice by a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) physician, physicians assistant, intern, nurse or any other VHA employee .

The benefit amount is graduated according to the degree of the Veteran's disability on a scale from 10 percent to 100 percent (in increments of 10 percent).

Compensation may also be paid for disabilities that are considered related or secondary to disabilities occurring in service and for disabilities presumed to be related to circumstances of military service, even though they may arise after service.

VA Claims Table

Now here is a hypothetical example of claim percentage calculated to pay a Veteran who is disabled and diagnosed with the following injuries and/or disorders which were incurred or aggravated during active military service and the percentages assigned to the Veterans’ VA Claim :
  • Back Injury at 20% 
  • Neck Injury at 10% 
  • Post-traumatic Stress at 70% 
  • Shoulder Injury at 10% 
  • Sleep Apnea at 50%

    At first glance (or calculation) you would assume that the Veteran’ has reached the 100% mark since the combine total of his/her disabilities are the result of disease or injury is at 160% … but this is not how the VA calculates the percentage paid to the disabled Veteran.
However, here is how the numbers (i.e., percentage) add up :
  • VBA grants Veteran 70% for PTSD … leaving 30% to reach 100%, and then
  • VBA grants Veteran 15% for Sleep Apnea (50% of 30%) which brings the total to 85% leaving 15% to go, and then 
  • VBA then grants Veteran 20% for Back Injury of the 15% adding to the total sum to 3%. In other words the Veteran is now at 88% with two injuries to go, and then 
  • 88% + 10% of 13% for Neck Injury bringing the total to 89% according to the VA Table, and then 
  • The VBA adds 10% for the Shoulder Injury … which in reality is only 1% … which would bring the total of the Veterans’ Claim to 90% -

VA Claims Table
posted by David Apperson

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Vets Helping Vets

Vets Helping Vets
Membership Program

We use Paypal as our secure financial organization so that we are never responsible for anyone's bank account or credit information.  PayPal is a financial institution with Ebay as the parent company -

1) Life Membership

A Vets Helping Vets Life Membership is just $75.

Need more information about our membership programs please call 541.548.6010 and someone will call you back as soon as possible. Our motto is Veterans' Come First - Join Today !

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The Silver and Gold Medallion displays one side of the branch of military service of your choice. The price of these medallions are only $129 ... Includes Free Life Membership

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3) Veterans' Relief Fund

Help support our fund to help support Disabled Veterans who need financial help while they wait for their VA Claims to be processed properly -

If you choose to a mail a check or money order - send payment to

Vets Helping Vets
c/o David Apperson
6109 SW Buckskin Lane
Crooked River Ranch
Oregon 97760


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Words of Life

Words of Life ... for those suffering from PTSD

Memorize Love is ...

Memorize God is ...

Memorize Angels are ...

Memorize Family is ...

Memorize Friends are ...

Words of Life for those suffering from Post-traumatic Stress (PTSD)
posted by David Apperson

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Wounded Warrior Project

A Few months back I wrote that the “Wounded Warrior Project” was on very shaky ground when ::

1. In 2014 the “Wounded Warrior Project” collected over $155,000,000 with only $4.8 million going to veterans, with the majority of that money being passed through the American Red Cross.

2. Excessive Administrative Salaries

3. Excessive Office Rent ($12,000,000 a year)

4. Over $9,000,000 (yes - nine million dollars) on Travel and Entertainment Expenses

5. and other pertinent issues I will comment on after the Federal Investigators have made an in-depth study into the actions and deeds from a legal state of affairs. Though some of these actions may not have any criminal deeds involved, but purely on a moral or ethical grounds is incomprehensible.

$155,000,000 - $4,900,000 = $150,100,000 not given to Veterans” !

However, since speaking out on this issue it has awakened many people, sponsoring individuals and corporations, ... even including employees of the “Wounded Warrior Project” and I have watched internal and external changes in the “Wounded Warrior Project” ...

and therefore have decided to Give Them Another Chance, to rectify the wrong since anyone can make a mistake, and place them once again in the list of respectable and pertinent links ... But if the 2014 Financial Statement is even close to what has been going on I will shout the crime on the house tops (Internet) !

Wounded Warrior Project
posted by David Apperson, Veterans Spokesman
www.MyVeteran.org * Vets Helping Vets * #MyVeteran

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