Agent Orange Hoax

This page on the 'Agent Orange Hoax' is published to inform the Korean people and US Veterans who are suffering from exposure to Agent Orange (AO) and other Herbicides due to military service on the DMZ separating South and North Korea that the story on Agent Orange south of Seoul is a Hoax.

Six weeks ago it was reported that 250 55-gallon drums of Agent Orange were buried at Camp Carroll South Korea in 1978. Whether this is true or not has yet to be determined by the US government, as well as, the government of the Republic of Korea.

I had a call yesterday from a Korean reporter that someone told them that Nuclear Waist was buried in Korea. This is a no go and a total falsehood and fabrication.

As one who was exposed to AO due to service on the DMZ in 1977 - 1978 I thought, as many other Veterans did, that perhaps this was the evidence veterans needed to expedite their claims to the Dept of Veterans Affairs.

At present there are over 8500 claims on appeal at the VA relating to military service in Korea. In fact, some claims with the VA are over 10 years old.

Many veterans are experiencing Neuropathic Peripheral Nerve Disorders, Cancer, and a host of other ailments due to military service on the Korean DMZ.. In fact, Thomas Walker whom I served with in the 1/32nd Infantry Battalion has had over 40 Cancers removed from his body thus far.

When it comes to the spreading, transporting or storing of Agent Orange I have only been able to confirm testimony from the VA and the Dept of Defense that Agent Orange was used on the DMZ (397,000 gallons) as a tactical herbicide and nowhere else in Korea.

As of 15 June 2011 there isn't one piece of collaborating evidence to substantiate the story of Agent Orange being stored, dumped or spread south of the DMZ -

At one point, General Otis was being used as a high ranking official through email declaring he knew of the spread of Agent Orange south of Seoul in 1962. I spoke with the General personally, and I can attest that "He did not confirm the use of Any Agent Orange while he was a Major."

For this, and other reasons, I must be the first to declare that; The Spreading of Agent Orange south of of the DMZ is a Hoax !!!

Veterans working on claims do not have the time, financial resources, nor the energy to follow stories created in the minds of some that for one reason or another distort the truth.

The more people spread false evidence around, the harder it is for those of us who are waiting for our claims to be adjudicated to get vindication and therefore compensation. Without such many will end up living dire poverty.

It is bad enough that some Veterans have to take hundreds and even thousands of pills a month and spend a lot of time searching for factual information relating to their personal VA claims. We do not need to waste our time or valuable resources on such nonsense. Please spread the word; The use of Agent Orange south of the DMZ is a Hoax ..

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