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Vets Helping Vets
Membership Programs

1) Life Membership

A Life Membership with Vets Helping Vets is just $75.

We use Paypal as our record and financial system without knowing or being responsible for anyone's bank account or credit information which is safer for all members and program participants. PayPal is a solid financial institution with Ebay as the parent company !

Need more information about our membership programs please call 541.548.6010 and someone will call you back as soon as possible. Our motto is "Veterans' Come First -

Become a Life Member Today !

2) Life Membership w/ 99.9% Silver Medallion

Vets Helping Vets Life Membership w/ Silver Medallion shows respect as you proudly wear your Medallion - see Order Form by clicking on the Pay Now Button and please understand the mint presses our Silver and Gold Medallions once a month, and therefore please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery as each medallion is custom made.

Life Membership w/Silver Medallion includes a free Certified PTSD Examiners' Test and five Bronze Coins you can share with others ! And please understand that every new Silver Member will be called to see which military branch our members would like to honor !

3) Life Membership w/ Solid Gold Medallion

Vets Helping Vets Life Membership w/ Gold Medallion can be worn proudly on your neck ... however, it is Important to know that each Gold Medallion is individually pressed so please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. Also, I will personally call all who purchase a Gold Medallion as your medallion will honor the military branch of your choosing !

Life Membership w/Gold Medallion also includes a Free Certified Post-traumatic Stress Examiners' Test plus 25 Bronze Coins you can share with other Veterans' !

4) Certified PTSD Examiners' Test

Become a Nationally Certified PTSD Examiner ! After passing the Certified PTSD Examiner's Test - Veterans have the option to pay $50 to become a Certified PTSD Examiner. Non-members pay the standard pricing of $129 -

Members of Vets Helping Vets

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5) Help Increase the Veterans' Relief Fund

Is is the duty from time to time for all Americans to support Service-Connected Disabled Veterans that may need temporary financial assistance !

Support the Disabled Veterans Fund

If you choose to a mail a check and/or money order contact -

Vets Helping Vets
c/o David Apperson
6109 SW Buckskin Lane
Crooked River Ranch
Oregon 97760


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