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Vietnam Veterans Day is a day of remembrance that is here to stay ! It is a dual system on 29 and 30 March utilizing the Gregorian Calendar.

In Vietnam it was on 29 March 1973 and in the United States it was 30 March 1973 ... that is the reason for the discrepancy last year in regard to the date.

On March 30th of 2014 in the United States it will be March 29th in Vietnam. In other words, whatever day you choose in fine with everyone, as long as you make an effort to welcome Home one of our Vietnam Brothers and Sisters -

This is the 3rd Year and I am extremely happy that members and fans of Vets Helping Vets were able to be an integral part helping to spread the word over the last few years.

On 22 March 1962 I was a Navy Brat and 1 of 100 three year old children evacuated off GITMO during Nuclear Ground Zero, better known as the Cuban Missile Crises.

Don't lose hope in the America dream of baseball and apple pie as the One and True Creator of All Things has chosen to bless America; though our nations leadership has not always acted in an intelligent and moral with moral character, ...

However, the majority of our nation's citizens have open hearts to the One and True God they chose to worship, ... or be like someone who has never been in a foxhole ... yet has the right to believe in Aliens, UFOs, Holy Wars and such.

I am with the majority ... I believe in the One True God (G-d) who is able the flood waters.

People are simply seeking someone who has walked the path and can show them the way to a brighter future without debt, stress and poverty.

At this period of time 50% of all school children in the Los Angeles area are on the school lunch program. It is because of the tens of thousands of Vietnam Veterans that these children get to eat today.

Let us all  understand that war is no longer profitable ... because in modern times , .... you take a country over in combat, yet the country still keeps their assets, while the fighting nation ends up paying most of the cost associated with the battles and collateral damage of combat.

None Forgotten and God Demonstrates His Power at His Speed !

David Apperson, CSM
Vets Helping Vets


Presidential Proclamation
Vietnam Veterans Day - 29 March 2014 and/or 30 March 2014 in the United States due to the international time zones -

For those who cared to share "Vietnam Veterans Day" in 2013 we reached 31,750 Facebook Shares as a Unified Volunteer Team which created - A Great Success for Vietnam Vets !

On March 29th please visit your local American Legion or VFW, and, if you have a bike, ride with the Legion Riders or Patriot Guard on this special occasion !

29 March 2014 - Vietnam Veterans Day

Vietnam Veterans Day
Recognized around the country as a moment of reflection, a day of commemoration and a time to pay due respect to Veterans who sacrificed so much during the Vietnam War.

Three (3) "Vietnam Veterans Day" social media pages with "Vets Helping Vets" unifying people to work together to get the word out for Vietnam Veterans Day -

: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=375426969157973
: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=505028992886167

Hooah and Semper Fi to all who helped spread the word !


Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day
By PFC Chelsea Flowers

In March of 1973 all US troops withdrew from the land of Vietnam. Instead of airmen, sailors and soldiers receiving a welcome home fitting for the sacrifice they made for this country, the majority of the returning troops were met with criticism and hostility.

Frustration. Anger. Disloyal. Unappreciated. All of these words could describe the possible feelings and thoughts that went through the minds of these individuals. Some of these troops were drafted, yet still fought and died for the lives of the men to their right and left, only to be diminished for their accomplishments upon their return.

Over nine million military personnel served during the Vietnam War. Of that number 58,156 lost their lives, while 303,704 were wounded in action.

Politics played a key role in the lack of respect that was due to these individuals. Back then those who were against the war did not support the troops like many do today.

At this present time in history our government is taking an opportunity to return respect to those who served in Vietnam.

The U.S. Senate passed a resolution on March 7, 2011, declaring March 29 “Vietnam Veterans Day.” The resolution currently awaits a decision by the House. This day will be recognized across the U.S. as a day of commemoration, a day to pay the proper respect to the veterans who sacrificed so much during the war.

Vietnam Veteran’s Day is a chance to repair the wrong done to these troops. The people of The United States can finally pay the respect due them.

Many cities and states have events planned for these veterans. Marines from Marine Corps Logistics Base in Barstow, California, have planned a ceremony honoring the Vietnam troops, followed by a parade through Fort Irwin. The base is also hosting a motorcycle ride in their honor.

We should all take this day to give our appreciation to our Vietnam veterans. Taking time out from our busy lives to give thanks for the sacrifices of those who we don’t know is a display of kindness and admiration that means so much to those who expect so little.

Thank you all for what you have done. Hooah and Semper Fi !

Vietnam Veterans Day posted by David Apperson

PS - Also see Senate Bill on Vietnam Veterans Day and/or comment on Vietnam Veterans Day

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