The Boy with 3 Mothers

Mr. David Apperson found through 23 and Me that he has hundreds of people closely related to him but still knows very little of his family history. The same is true when he searched Ancestry.


However, it is possible Robert LeRoy Parker aka “Butch” Cassidy worked for David's great-grandfather Otto Schnauber who owned a butcher shop in Rock Springs Wyoming, the same butcher shop that Parker worked for at 17 years of age.

According to Rock Springs Wyoming Page the city states it is richly steeped in western history, coal mining, and ganster life. In fact, outlaw gangs who roamed the West often passed through Rock Springs or utilized it as a hideout destination. In fact, as a young man, outlaw “Butch” Cassidy worked in Rock Springs as a butcher for Otto Schnauber acquiring the name “Butch”.

David investigated the story a while back and found the legend to be plausible.

* At 60 David got a birth certificate
* At 62 David got his first U.S. Passport
* At 64 David was able to post a picture of his parents on Facebook.

Inspired by the words of Tanya Tucker from Bring the Flowers Now, David sent roses to his three mothers via Walmart with no note or name so they could ponder for a while who would send them flowers. The women who recieved the roses thought they were just beautiful

Carol Cobos * Diane Warren * Donna Kearney

David did this to show honor and respect for the women who showed him what it means to be a good man, and all three women would testify that David was born in the good ole USA where at one time men were men and women were women.

For additional information on Otto Schnauber see Dept of the Interior Historic Places (pdf).

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